Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Organically Beautiful Hot Tubs

Now that the weather is cooling down, a relaxing soak in a steamy hot tub sounds like the perfect way to end a busy day.  Gone are the days of 80's fiberglass hot tubs, check out these gorgeous organic tubs featured in a recent blog post by Houzz, 12 Naturally Beautiful Hot Tubs.  

Using wood, stone, or concrete, these hot tubs complement their natural surroundings rather than compete with them.  This innovative tub, by Projects, "includes cedar decking set into a stainless steel frame, with a cover that slides into place. The swoop of the deck echoes the roundness of the hot tub, helping the tub look at home in the landscape."

Nestled into its natural surroundings, these tumbled rocks wrap around this beautiful wooden tub. The rocks also provide a functional staircase into the hot tub, combining both design and function.  The same rocks have been used for a cohesive look by including them in the built-in bench and surrounding the fire pit.

This partially sunken tub is sleek, modern, and more private than a fully aboveground tub. "Here simple wooden decking stairs surround the tub on one side, while thick hedges and trees on the other provide a feeling of protection and privacy."

For more hot tub design ideas, you can read the entire Houzz article here.  

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