Monday, October 20, 2014

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Contractor

I know what yore thinking, your most recent home renovation project is simple, you’re only changing out a window.  No big deal, why would we need to hire a contractor for that? If you step back and really look at what your project involves, you could be looking at more than meets the eye.  
For example is changing out a window really that simple?  All you need to do is remove the existing window, install a new one and paint… and voila!  Right?  Unfortunately, what most do-it-yourselfer’s forget is all the work that is not seen at first glance.  Such as ordering the correct size window, extra material costs and providing the proper tools to do the job, drywall patching and exterior siding or plaster work patching.  Very often what seems like a small project that could be done in a weekend is often more complicated.  
So why should anyone hire a contractor?  Here are a few reasons:                                                                                                                                                            
  1. Up front costs:  From demolition to finishing touches, you will know cost of your entire project up front.
  2. Multi-tasker:  A general contractor is a professional muti-tasker.  Although subcontractors will provide specific expertise in certain areas, a GC is able to manage the overall process from the larger areas to the smaller details.  A GC is similar to a wedding planner, you wouldn’t have a wedding planner bake the wedding cake, or order the flowers, design or print the invitations, or dj the party, would you?
  3. Relationships/Scheduling:  When you hire a general contractor, you obtain access to a specialized network of information and resources.  The professionals generally have well-established relationships with reliable trade contractors such as electricians, plumbers, finish carpenters and painters, and the familiarity it takes to complete various phases of the work.  As a homeowner, you may not have such an advantage.  Subcontractors are aware that this is probably a one-time job which can result in you being low on the priority list for scheduling.  With a general contractor, you benefit from the higher scheduling priority given to well-known professional builders who need services on an ongoing basis.
  4. Cost of a contractor often pays for itself:  Good contractors know how to choose the proper materials in the proper quantities, Yes, you may pay a little extra up-front for contractor’s services, but many homeowners find that the savings in construction materials more than makes up the cost of hiring a contractor.
  5. Right tools:  Professionals are armed with all the tools and equipment needed for the job.  This saves the homeowner from the hidden costs associated with having to rent or buy tools needed to complete the project.
  6. Responsibility:  The GC is responsible for supervising all workers and handling all problems.  The GC will also keep your project on schedule and ensure timely completion of your remodel.
  7. Bonding & Insurance:  In the rare event that something goes wrong, your GC has insurance to handle it, therefore, no insurance headaches for the homeowner.
  8. Peace of Mind:  Relax while someone else manages all the trades and resolves problems!
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