Thursday, November 20, 2014

Houzz: Home Remodeling Inspiration & More

Move over Pinterest, there's a new design site in town:  Houzz.  While Pinterest features everything from recipes to the latest fashion trends, Houzz focuses only on home remodeling and home decor.  If you thought Pinterest had some tantalizing eye candy, just wait till you see Houzz!

Houzz currently has 4,755,303 home design photos for you to browse through when planning, or just daydreaming about, your next project. If 4 million images seems a little overwhelming, you can narrow down the search by room, style, and even room size.  

In addition to the gorgeous photos, the website features articles that go into detail on room designs, there's a forum for members to ask questions and have other members or professionals provide their free advice, and there's even a search function for you to find professionals in your area.

Similar to Pinterest,  you can create "idea books" and save any image for later reference. Many images on the site have been uploaded by professional architects, designers, and contractors, which is very useful for finding professionals whose work you admire.
If you're new to the site, make sure to check out Projects' profile on Houzz.  

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