Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bathroom Series Part 3: Top 5 Tips

A well-done bathroom remodel will not only increase the value of your home, but it will provide you with many years of pleasure and comfort.  Conversely, an amateur job may not give you as large of a return on your investment, you may not end up liking the design or functionality, and it would be a headache for years to come. 

In our four part series, we will share with you seven dos and seven don’ts to consider when remodeling your bathroom.  We will also share with you some tips and design ideas to help you prepare for your exciting new project. 

Here are 5 tips from Popular Mechanics when remodeling your bathroom:

Have Everything On Hand First
Some items can take weeks to arrive, especially larger items such as vanity tops or anything you want special ordered.  Be patient and order these materials before you take a hammer to the walls and start tearing things apart. 

Consider All Your Options
Check out all your local sources before deciding on materials.  Big box stores may have better pricing, but it’s likely that a local independent supplier will have a wider variety and may specialize in a specific area and have a wider knowledge base. 

Plan for Shower Storage
Nothing is worse than having a metal shower rack bumping your arm as you shower and getting coated in soap scum.  When building your new shower, create some in-shower storage space for your products. 

Add a Spacer to the Toilet Flange
If you replace vinyl flooring with tile, the extra height will probably raise the toilet enough so it no longer has a snug fit in line with the floor.  Adding an extra flange will cheaply and easily fix the problem. 

Don't Be Afraid to Call a Pro
Professionals are here for a reason, they have years of experience and are highly skilled in their area of expertise. 

We hope this list of tips was helpful, if you have any questions on your next remodeling projects call Christi at Projects General Construction at 805.682.2226.  Stay tuned for Part 4 in our bathroom series!

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