Friday, June 10, 2016

Should You Hire a Contractor or Do It Yourself?

Undertaking a home improvement project can be overwhelming. The time, cost, and of course the choices of methods and finishes make the whole ordeal just that: an ordeal.

Adventurous homeowners may want to take on the project themselves, what’s a little hammering and drilling, right? Perhaps smaller projects like replacing the fill valve in the back of your toilet or repainting a room can fulfill those desires. Larger projects may require a bit more guts, like removing and replacing walls could open up a can of worms...or termites. You could run into bad plumbing, electrical issues, termites, or worse, removing a load bearing beam of the structure.

While doing it yourself is fine for the small stuff, here are a few smart reasons to hire a professional to get the job done:
  1. Project management experience. Contractors are professionals, they’ve done the work before. They know how to set up the plan of the work and see it through to the cleanup. The workflow is set up in the most efficient way possible, cuing in different subcontractors when the project is ready for the next step. A good contractor will  know a little bit about each part of the work, from electrical to mudding drywall, anticipating the needs of project is what they do best.
  2. Knowledge of industry standards. Having knowledge of building codes, appropriate materials, proper construction methods, and safety is the key to a successful project. You won’t have to take the time to to learn when it is too cold to pour concrete or how long caulk should cure before you paint over top of it. They also have the inside scoop of who is reputable and reliable subcontractor and who to avoid. 
  3. Saving money. The contractor will be responsible for the quality of all the work they oversee as part of the contract. If there is a problem with the construction, it will be up to the contractor to fix it. The cost of the repairs will come out of the contract budget and not your pocket, saving the homeowner money and peace of mind. The contractor will also be knowledgeable of the best subcontractors who are reasonably priced, whereas the homeowner would not.

General rules of thumb of when to hire a contractor:

  • The project will take longer than a week to complete
  • The project requires several different professionals, ie. plumbers, electrician
  • The project requires a few different permits to complete

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