Friday, May 27, 2016

Laundry Room Design & Functionality - Part 2

Do you remember Rosie the Robot from the future-based cartoon, The Jetsons? Rosie was dependable, clean, sweet and caring. She took care of the Jetson’s cooking, cleaning, and laundering needs. All they did was push a button and poof Rosie was at it. Unfortunately for us, we haven’t gotten to the point of owning a robot to do our laundry, at least, not yet. Until the Rosie the Robot is invented for the layperson, we must trudge through our household chores like the good humans we are.

In the previous laundry room post we weighed the pros and cons of the location for the laundry room and the importance of safety concerning the washer and the dryer. In this post, we’ll talk a bit more about the functionality of the room and what other purposes the laundry room can provide.

Room Design

Similar to the all important kitchen triangle concept, a laundry room should be set up for efficiency. U-shaped layouts are popular for this space - the washer, dryer, utility sink (if there is room for it), and work surfaces should be low impact, so it’s only a few steps away from each other. This will make the effort of the chore work more smoothly.

If the room has enough space for cabinets for storage, take into account of where or how the cabinet doors or drawers will open.

Small Laundry Rooms

Having a countertop for folding or sorting your clothes streamlines the laundry process. But maybe your current laundry room doesn’t have the room for a separate place to do these tasks. If you own front loading laundry machines, a work space can be created by covering the top of the appliance with countertop material, or if your laundry room is a closet, a set of stacking machines is space efficient and low impact. 

Storage of the drying rack might be hassle, so time to think up! Use the walls to stow away drying racks. Ironing boards can also be tucked away discreetly in a drawer or in a small wall closest. Does this remind anyone of a Murphy bed?

Other Functions of the Laundry Room

Garages that are attached to the home typically have a landing area before you enter the main part of the house, otherwise known as the mud room. This room can be dual purposed as the laundry room too.

Did the family dog get into the mud? Do the felines in your home prefer a discreet location for their litter pans? The laundry room coupled with a pet bath and/or a place to put litter boxes is an excellent solution for these unpleasantries.

We hope that this short series on the laundry room has been helpful to you and that you've found some inspiration for your next home remodeling project!

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