Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Most Important Part of Home Renovations: Flexibility

Are you dreaming of your next home improvement project? Have you been imagining immersing yourself in a deep, free-standing soaking tub which sits a heated, naturally clefted slate floor, which also accompanies a separate shower enclosed in glass with suitably matching marble, penny floor tiles and wall tiles in a transparent sea foam green glass that reach to the top of the glass shower enclosure? 

You know, basic hard line driven decisions that you aren’t budging from. Next, you meet with the contractor, the person you give your dream bathroom ideas to, who then gives you an estimate that is well above your budget and also evaluates potential problems. Your dream bathroom suddenly seems like a distant memory.

As a homeowner, the realization and application of being flexible during any home improvement project will be one of the most important tools to have in your box. 

Flexibility will work in your favor in lots of different ways.

Less Stress

Realizing that your bathroom renovation may take longer than the few weeks you were planning on can be a tough pill to swallow. Perhaps the materials were not in stock, they need to be manufactured, or have become backordered. The renovation may have already been started with demolition of the current bath and now there is dirt and debris inconveniencing you. Flexing your flexibility muscle to change some of your tile ideas or just being open to new ideas for your renovation will reduce the stress of your project. Going with the flow, will make the project more enjoyable and potentially with an even better outcome.

Better Outcome

So the glass tile in sea foam green has been discontinued and there are no other manufacturers carrying your desired color. Your contractor takes you to a tile showroom and suddenly you’re seeing some other really beautiful color options that you hadn’t considered before. And now, you’ve settled on a crisp white subway tile that gives the shower space a brighter and cleaner feel. The added bonus, subway tile happened to be on sale and already cheaper than the glass tiles.

Maintain the Budget

Flexibility while maintaining the budget equals creative solutions to complete projects on a timeline that makes sense for you. With the changes of the subway tiles from the glass tiles it kept your project steaming along without added monetary stress. The dirt and debris are a distant memory because your dream bathroom is nearly complete because of this creative solution. Pat yourself on the back!

The Unexpected

The contractor might have found some unexpected damage to the plumbing system during the renovation. Or maybe your spouse doesn’t agree with type of bathtub you picked out. Being flexible will help you to handle these unexpected changes and it’ll maintain your peace of mind.

Learning to become more flexible during your next home renovation project will make the overall process less stressful. To find out how Projects can help you, call us today at 805.682.2226.

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