Monday, February 22, 2016

How to Give Your Entryway a Facelift

Is your current entryway an unattractive, unorganized, and generally a humdrum area? Are you utilizing the space to its fullest potential? What does your foyer say about your home (or you!) when guests arrive? How many entries does your home have? Is style or function more important to you?

The Narrow Entrance

Homes that have a narrow and windowless entrance can be transformed into brighter and seemingly larger spaces. Replacing the door with one that has windows will fill the vestibule with an abundance of natural light. A lighter paint color on the walls and ceilings will also give the appearance of a larger space. Lighting and mirror placement are also key to making the room feel bigger.

Drop Zone

Most people need to have a drop zone for their coats, shoes, keys, a handbag, a book bag, the dog’s leash… the list goes on. And homes that use their front entrance as the main and only entrance to the home have some double duty action to deal with. Depending on the size of your family, a place to put your things where you know they will be easily found the next time you leave is essential.

This is also where you can you combine style and functionality into your foyer. Create a cohesive design by using one of the main materials from the foyer as it flows into the next room it spills into.

Split Levels

Split level entrances have their own special types of issues. There are 2 shorter staircases to contend with, railings on the higher floor and in the lower level of the house, there could be very little natural lighting.

Your best bet to keeping this entrance looking polished is to use the same materials and hardware on the staircases and railings.

No Entryway

A house that does not have an entryway is quite the conundrum. However, there are several ideas to separate the two spaces.

Adding a half wall to create the illusion of an entryway is a more permanent solution to this issue. In building a half wall, you can also add the option for storage of personal items.

A less permanent option would be to place furniture in such a way as to create a faux entrance. The long side of the couch with a sofa table anchoring it would make an entrance and provide a storage solution. If your room allows, installing a Shoji wall will create an appealing entryway.

Garage Entrances

If you are lucky enough to have a garage that you can enter your home through, why not make it more attractive with paint, updated hardware on the door, and a drop zone for non essential groceries.

We hope that these have provided you with some new and unique ideas for giving your entryway a facelift!

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