Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Say Goodbye to Shower Curtains and Hello to Stunning Glass Enclosed Showers

Shower curtains can be a fun way to add a splash of color or a playful pattern into your bathroom decor.  They can also be a source of annoyance when water leaks onto your floor, and eventually all shower curtains get a little funky and need to be replaced.  And there's nothing worse than trying to get out of the shower when you're all clean, only to get tangled up in a nasty old shower curtain.

Enter the glass enclosed shower.  Not only will you be rid of shower curtains forever, but you will transform the space and create what will likely become the stunning centerpiece of your bathroom.

This formerly dark and unused room was completely transformed by the Projects team into this now well-used space with a stunning steam shower.  The light green porcelain wall tiles have the look of glass, but without the fragile nature.  The Calcutta marble on the shower bench, ceiling, and floors adds warmth and style, as well as creating a place to sit and relax while the steam loosens your muscles as you release the tensions from your day.  

This new master bathroom by Projects has become a sanctuary for the busy homeowners.  The black hexagonal mosaic floor tiles and white decorative accents are the perfect compliment to the handmade Sonoma tiles found around the room.  The polished Carrara tub deck is adjacent to the gorgeous large glass enclosed shower.  On the opposite wall, the rescued medicine cabinets and pedestal sinks help give the illusion of a larger space.

Projects reframed this guest bath shower so it would be easier to step into, as opposed to the dated step down tub which was dangerous for the homeowner.  The handmade Sonoma tiles are subtly beautiful, and the new sconces and mirror brightened up the room.  The painted wood vanity with its Carrara marble top are charm personified.  The new vinyl window with opaque glass on the bottom allows light to enter the room while still maintaing a level of privacy for our homeowners.  Frosting the bottom half of windows is a great way to provide privacy while preserving a contemporary look.

Tell us:  What type of shower do you have in your current home?  What kind would you love to have in your dream home?

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