Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Which Outdoor Home Improvement Projects have the Highest Return on Investment?

With summer in full swing, you might be thinking about home improvement projects you can tackle in the warm months to come. You also might be dreaming of firing up the BBQ. Why not focus on sprucing up the exterior of your home. According to an article from Electronic House, it can boost the value of your home and provide a huge return on investment. 

But where should you start? What will make the biggest impact both in the short term and long term?

Replace Exterior Doors

Replacing the exterior doors yields the biggest ROI according to the study, with an average of 101 percent. That’s double your money back. As long as you’re installing new doors, why not add a smart lock? They look great, offer superior home protection and are more convenient to operate than a traditional lock and key. Some of the top names in the business are AugustKwikset,Schlage, and Yale, but you can find smart locks from many other manufacturers. Depending on the model, locking and unlocking happens via a keypad built onto the lock, your phone, and with some models you can lock the door (great for when you’re in bed) via voice command. Many of these locks are also able to synch with other smart products; for example, when the door unlocks certain lights can turn on.

Replace Garage Doors

You can expect an ROI of 88 percent by replacing your garage doors. You can add to their value by automating them. A number of manufacturers offer kits that allow you to control the garage doors via a mobile app and voice commands, receive notifications if the garage door has been left open, and link with other smart home devices. The MyQ from Chamberlain, for example, integrates with the Nest Cam so you can view the garage door remotely—it’s a good way to check up on things. What’s really nice about the MyQ is that it can be added to any make or model of garage door, so you can pick a style that’s right for your home.

The Gogogate is another universal garage door opener. It has all of the features mentioned above, plus through its built-inn sensors lets you check the temperature inside your garage. You can also share access to the garage with up to 10 users for free, and automatically open and close your door using geolocation.

Spruce Up Outdoor Entertainment Area

Depending on in which part of the country you live, adding an outdoor kitchen yields an average of 100 percent to 200 percent. In addition to a sink, refrigerator, grille and dining surface, consider adding a weatherproof TV and speakers. Peerless-AVSeura, and SunBriteTV offer many outdoor TV options, and unlike years ago, today you can get one for a reasonable price.Outdoor speakers run the gamut, but wireless models are always easier to install and let you stream music right from your phone. There’s a variety of styles available, from in-wall/in-ceiling models (good for lanais and covered patios) , wall-mountable models (popular for hanging under a home’s eaves) to rock-shaped speakers and in-ground speakers that are ideal for the yard and landscape.

Add Exterior Lighting

Adding outdoor lighting is another solid investment with an average ROI of 50 percent. You can add floodlights, LED landscape fixtures, scones, and more to add real curb appeal and help protect your home from burglary and vandalism. There are many exterior lights that can be automated and controlled remotely via a smartphone app or integrated with other smartproducts.LevitonLutron, and Sylvania offer some great options. The Kuna Porch Lamp delivers and interesting twist: built inside its decorative housing is a security camera and intercom. You can not only control the light, but access the camera remotely to view the outdoor area and speak with visitors who approach the front door, for example.

 ROI for other outdoor improvements

  • Professional deck construction: 73 percent
  • Landscaping: 28 percent
  • Portable fire pits: 150 percent
  • Swimming pool: 7 percent

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