Saturday, January 20, 2018

Bring the Outdoors Inside with Projects General Construction

It make be cooler outside, but you can still make your house cozy inside by bringing the outdoors inside — with natural stone! This gorgeous addition can bring some much-needed warmth into your home during these chilly winter months and it's a quick and easy way to update your space.  
Here are a few ideas from IRG on how you can bring natural stone into your home during this winter season:


The hearth is the beating heart of the home. Your mantle can act as a perfect staging area for many seasonal stylings. One innovative way to warm up a room without ever lighting a fire is to replace your old chimney with a modern yet rustic natural stone. 

With a freshly-cut piece of stone, you can change the entire base of your home decoration operation.  Onyx has risen in popularity over the years, gaining notoriety as a fashionable new material in the world of natural stone. Luxurious and fun, an onyx table top tells your guests to settle in for an evening of warmth and celebration.
White marble is another popular choice of tabletop because it has subtle veining that can add dimension to a room. A white marble table top with white ornamentation is chic and stylish, and on-trend with the season.


Nothing goes better with spruce or pine than natural stone. With a natural stone tree stand, the lights twinkling from the tree and off the stone will create a dazzling shimmer throughout the room. You can also add some carved natural stone ornaments for a rustic, outdoorsy holiday look.

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