Thursday, July 21, 2016

Projects Client Testimonial

We recently received such a wonderful testimonial from a happy client and thought we'd share it with you all.  It was a pleasure to work with this client on their new fireplace and entry way, we are so very happy that we were able to help her with her vision!

"I want to commend and recommend “Projects General Construction, Inc” who have just completed – within the anticipated two and a half to 3 week time period – a plan created by architect Dennis Thompson to remodel the entry hall of our home. 

The entry area was level with the hallway to our bedroom/office wing, but led down steps to our living room and up a step to our dining area/kitchen wing. The living room wall immediately seen from the entry was all windows displaying a wide view of the mountains, a scene which tended to distract guests from the changes in floor level. The hazard had been recognized by previous owners, but the complexity of eliminating the danger while maintaining the charm of the view was delayed until our own falls required consulting with professionals. The project necessitated changes in our living room floor so we included removing and replacing a large, unattractive fireplace during the same time period.

The courtesy, consideration and reliability of both our contractors and the subcontractors they had chosen allowed us to remain in our home, adjusting to change of entrances, from the beginning to the completion of the project. At the beginning of every workday, at any point when changes were needed, and at the end of each day, at least one of the contractors was at our front door, to open up the area and consult with the subs. They were also readily available if we needed to communicate with them by phone , and they consulted with Dennis Thompson whenever it appeared adjustments needed to be made. 

We are delighted with the results, the timely completion of the work and the handling of changes in plans as the work progressed. The estimate of costs was reliable, along with the cost of the few changes which we requested or authorized.

I am encountering many friends of our age with similar issues in their homes. I will continue to recommend architect Dennis Thompson and contractors Christi Clayton and Cherilyn Milton of Projects to help make critical adjustments when these people want to remain in the homes they love."

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