Thursday, February 4, 2016

Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Dos and Don'ts

Remodeling projects can be an overwhelming thought for some people due to the infinite amount of design choices available today.  What if you choose materials that don't match, what if the layout doesn't work but you don't realize it until you're halfway through the remodel, or worst of all, what if you spend a large sum of money but make choices that don't add a high resale value for your home?

Never fear, the team at Projects is here to guide you through your next home remodel and make it a smooth and stress free process.  Here are our Top 10 remodeling dos and don'ts, specific to remodeling a bathroom.


  1. Budget for the unexpected.  An experienced contractor will do as much as possible in the early stages of the projectsto investigate any possible issues, however they can't see through walls and sometimes things will go wrong at no fault to anyone.  Best practice is to cushion your budget by 10-15%, and if you don't end up using it you've got some extra money for savings.
  2. Consider a single sink.  These days so many people want a double vanity, however a sink takes up quite a bit of space, leaving you with less overall counter space.  If you are working with a small bathroom, consider having one sink to allow for a larger overall vanity.  
  3. Hide the toilet.  No one wants to walk into a room and immediately see the toilet, so whenever possible it's best to create a separate powder room.  Short on space?  Instead of walling the toilet into it's own powder room, simply add a dividing wall for some added privacy.  
  4. Don't forget about lighting!  Whenever possible, you want to allow for some natural lighting in a bathroom.  Sunshine not only helps to combat mildew and mold, but having a source of natural light makes getting ready easier.  In addition to natural light, make sure you have adequate lighting throughout the bathroom, including sconces mounted above your vanity and/or recessed lighting throughout other areas if it's a larger space. 
  5. Go luxe on the shower.  People often fixate on wanting a tub in their bathroom, but in reality they're rarely used.  Showers, on the other hand, are used daily, so this is where you want to splurge and allow for some extra space and a nice shower head.  
  1. Don't try to rush the project.  It's understandable that you want your new bathroom finished as soon as possible.  Living amidst such chaos can be stressful, but rushing the project can cause mistakes, which will in turn cost you more money and actually make the entire process take even longer. 
  2. Don't buy anything online without seeing it in person.  That blue tile could actually be more grey in person, or the lighting fixture you loved on your computer screen could be overbearing once you see it in real life.  Always make sure you check out things in person before purchasing.  
  3. Remember to add storage.  A common mistake in bathroom remodels is to not include adequate storage.  There's nothing worse than running to your linens closet dripping wet and freezing cold, so make sure you add a space in the bathroom for towels and other essentials.  
  4. Skilled labor is always worth it.  These days everyone loves a DIY project, but it's a lot harder than Pinterest makes it look and often times your project won't turn out how you'd envisioned.  In the long run, it's worth it to spend the money on an experienced contractor rather than trying to cut corners and do it yourself. 
  5. Don't try to save money on cheap materials.  You don't need to buy only high end materials, but conversely a common mistake is to buy the cheapest materials to try and save money.  Areas that you don't want to skimp on are surfaces you'll touch often:  floors, shower tile, counter tops.  Spending a little more in these areas will go a long way, but spending money on a luxury toilet, for example, won't get you a bang for your buck.  

We hope these are helpful tips, and if you have any other questions or would like to know more about how Projects can help you with your next remodeling project, give us a call at 805-682-2226.

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