Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Quick & Easy Projects: Crown Molding

Have you ever been in a room with perfectly painted walls, gorgeous, shiny hardwood floors, and gleaming light fixtures, but feel like there is something missing? Like a glittering jeweled tiara on a queen, crown molding is the regal crown to the polished room.

Crown molding gives your space an elegant feel with its staggering profiles of curves and angles. The molding will draw your eyes upward, making the ceiling feel like even more of a cohesive part of the room. Crown molding will enhance the other moldings that surround the room too; the baseboard which may be covered up by furniture, can be less of a focal point and be accented by ornate ceiling moldings.

Typically, crown molding was used in living or dining rooms. However, crown molding can be used in every space in a home. Think outside of the box and consider installing it a hallway, a powder room, or the kitchen.

Materials and Size
Crown molding is available in different types of materials. You can choose from wood, plaster, plaster covered foam, polyurethane foam, or flexible polyurethane. Each of these materials have their own benefits, it’s up to you to decide on what works within your budget and style preference.

Choosing the size of the crown molding is relatively easy. Using the baseboards, window and door trim as a measure, the cornice should be the same or slightly smaller than the other casings. If it is being used in a smaller room, like a powder room, a smaller width is the norm.

Other Uses For Crown Molding
Crown molding does not need to be installed between the wall and the ceiling. It can also be used in the creation of a shelf.

Or on a fireplace mantle.

These beautiful, angular boards will give your space the polished look you desire, while adding value and dimension to your room. Whatever type of molding you like, the room will be elevated to new architectural heights.

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