Monday, May 18, 2015

4 Pro Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

Everyone has a picture in their mind of what their dream bathroom would look like.  If you're like us, you want both comfort and style with quality materials and something that will add value to your home.  You may not think that you can have all of these things without sacrificing somewhere, but you can! Here are 4 tips from Houselogic on remodeling your bathroom that will help you achieve your dream.

1) Stick to a plan.  Before you even think about ripping out that first tile, you need to have a plan for how you will use the space, what materials you want to use, and what your budget is.  Think long and hard, because once you come up with your plan you need to stick to it hard and fast!

2) Keep the same footprint.  Your dream bathroom may be larger than your current one, but if you keep the same footprint and live with your current square footage, you might be able to afford the expensive tile and steam shower that you have your heart set on.  Working with your existing space will allow you to choose higher quality materials because you will save on the cost of adding square footage.

3) Think about storage.  Storage is one of the biggest challenges home owners face in the bathroom, so it's important to think about storage when planning your space!  A few tips:  think vertically and use wall space, bring in woven baskets or a coat rack for wet towels, and make your gorgeous cabinets do double duty by including slide out trays within the drawers for extra storage space.

4) Get your hands dirty.  If you're even the slightest bit handy around the house, there are many things you can do in your bathroom remodel that will save you a considerable amount of money.  For example, just painting the walls and trim or installing the toilet and towel bars could save you hundreds of dollars!

We hope that these pro tips will help you when thinking about your bathroom remodeling project and that they help you achieve your dream sanctuary! If you have any questions about where to start, please call us at 805.682.2226.

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