Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

In the past 30 years, bathrooms have doubled in size. Good news for everyone with a newer or remodeled home, but what about all those older homes with a smaller sized bathroom? The average size of an older full-sized bathroom is 5- by 8-feet. This space accommodates a sink or vanity, a toilet and a tub shower combo. That’s a lot pieces for a room of that size!

This popular renovation project has many creative options to make the bathroom appear larger. Double duty decorative accent pieces, the size and shape of tiles, and color palette are just a few of things that help create a luxurious and spacious bathroom.

Shoji Screens & Mirrors

This bathroom had a couple of problems, it was small and there was a window that wasn’t centered on the wall. By installing a permanent shoji screen to cover the window, it still allows for light to get into the room and also adds a beautiful design element. The clean lines and neutral color of the rice paper gives the room an uncluttered effect. The homeowner also chose a 7-foot framed mirror and hung it horizontally resulting in a larger feeling bathroom.

Tiles & Glass

Cleaning a bathroom probably isn’t every homeowner’s idea of a good time, especially when there is grout that needs to be scrubbed. Using larger profile tiles in a 12”x12’ size cuts down on grout maintenance and as an added bonus, it makes the bath appear larger. Two-for-one! This homeowner also chose a frameless shower door, making the space appear more expansive.

Color Palette

Paints and stains are one of the best quick fixes you can do to create a larger feeling room, and the small bath is no exception. Consider using a neutral color on the walls and floor tiles and then ground the space with a darker vanity and accent pieces. This small bath uses taller accent pieces to elongate the feel of the room, while also adding a tasteful design element.

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