Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Remodeling Ideas Where Beauty Meets Function

While choosing the perfect granite countertops or the exact shade of grey blue for your wall color can be fun and exciting, some of our favorite parts of remodeling include the little touches that combine both beauty and function.  After all, a beautiful kitchen with no space for utensils wouldn't make for a very useable kitchen, nor would a house with little closet space work for a growing family.

Buzzfeed DIY recently shared 43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas for Your Home, and while we must admit that the outdoor bathtub in the forest is a neat idea, we really love the unexpected ways in which designers and contractors have created secret functionality within beautiful designs.

The underside of a staircase is typically a wasted space, but check out how these homeowners took advantage of the previously unused space and turned it into something both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Many kitchens often lack adequate counter space, so this solution added more space when needed, but then allows for a more spacious kitchen while the cook is taking a break.

Projects recently worked on a project which combined both style and function, with this master bathroom remodel.  A closet with adjustable shelving was adding in this bathroom, creating easy access to the homeowners closet as well as adding a work of art to the master bathroom.  The Shaker style drawers hold lingerie and accessories, while the pull out double hamper makes laundry a breeze.  

Does your home have any secret storage spaces?  What kind of ideas would you love to see in your dream home?

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